TM3 Training is your toolbox for success; there’s no better way than giving your people the skills to use TM3 to its fullest extent.

Phone Training

Too busy to attend a full day of group training? If you have an hour or two to spare, one of our TM3 Experts can log in to your computer remotely. You can then tell them exactly what parts of TM3 you would like to master.

Phone training is available in 1 hour segments and if you purchase more than one, you can use them all together or spread them out - whatever suits you best.

On-site Training

TM3 can also offer training at your location, which means your whole team can be involved, and you can completely tailor it to your clinic's needs.

Group Training

Our classroom-style training courses are led by our TM3 expert trainers and offer small group personalised sessions. These are also a great opportunity to network and share ideas with others.

E-Learning Courses

Take advantage of free, online, instructor-led training and self-paced online courses, as well as access to an extensive knowledge base. These resources will provide you with the required skills to help improve the management of your patients and clinic.

Our free online courses are perfect if you need some help in getting to grips with TM3 and understanding how it works, or if you want to get staff up and running with a section that is applicable to their role. Go through each stage at your own pace with our resident TM3 guru Jeremy Allen guiding you through every step of the way.


If you want to become an expert in all things TM3 related, but do not want to leave the comfort of your practice, then TM3 webinars are the answer. TM3 webinars educate clients 3 times per week and allow clients a classroom environment and a great platform for interaction.

Interested in watching one of our webinars? Book your virtual seat by logging into our 2gether portal.


Knowledge Base

The 2gether knowledge base is packed full of FAQs and is your how-to guide for TM2 and TM3!

Book Training Session

Interested in booking a training session? Simply send us your details and training preference and we'll be in touch to arrange a session for you

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