TM3 Clinical Notes Launch Was A Great Success!

Posted 14 February 2017 in , Business and Marketing, Support, Events, Clinical

After 2 years of development, many hours preparation, countless sore heads, and 4 launched events, we are happy to announce TM3’s new clinical notes are now launched and ready to impress practitioners worldwide.

TM3 Clinical Notes Launch

Runup to the launch

In the runup to the launch, Blue Zinc decided to give something back to launch signups, and increase the excitement a little by running a small marketing campaign. The campaign ran for 3 days and consisted of a promotion each day.

On day one, signups were informed about a golden ticket promotion. A golden ticket was placed in one of the signups launch packs (we talk about this later). The golden ticket awarded the new occupant with 12 months free clinic notes. A huge surprise and a very generous award.

Day two provided signups with a generous voucher for 50% off group training. Selling TM3 is important, ensuring our clients use and benefit from the software is most important. Pardon the cliche, but practice really does make perfect and at TM3 we ensure our clients have access to training at all times, including webinars, group training, on-site training, and a very comprehensive knowledge base.

On the final day before launch, signups should have received a launch pack to ramp up the excitement*. The pack included lots of goodies from luxury biscuits to popcorn; everything required to make a launch event extra special.

The Launch

TM3 clinical notes was launched on 1st and 2nd February. The launch took the format of a digital launch, broadcasted via YouTube to hundreds of practitioners. Viewers were treated to glimpses of TM3 clinical notes and the new features it boasts.

If you would like to watch the launch, click the video below:

Clinical Notes Features

TM3 clinical notes are the backbone of TM3 and the new heart of your clinic. There are simply no comparisons. Seeing is believing with TM3 clinical notes. To check out clinical note’s plethora of features visit clinical notes.

Discover TM3 Clinical Notes In All Its Glory

If you like to discover TM3 clinical notes in more detail, simply request a one-to-one demo. This is best way to see the full potential of the new notes module.

*Launch packs were delivered 2nd class with Royal Mail. Sadly, we cannot confirm if packages arrived or not.

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